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  • Discussions on making ASMR videos including the devices you use, video editing, etc
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    @mintyfox-asmr Hi,
    I use Yeti microphone. However, I feel that my videos are so quiet comparing to other creators - maybe I should change settings or sth. When it comes to lights I recommend buying ordinary softboxes :)
    Here is my channel:
    Triggers & Whispers ASMR.

  • What supplements or foods enhance your ASMR response
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    I haven't really noticed much of an effect of caffeine on ASMR response. But if I drink tea instead of coffee I'll be a little bit less inhibited to ASMR. In other words, tea makes me experience ASMR more easily. But it doesn't enhance the tingles nor does it affect my asmr triggers. Anyone else notice if caffeine has an effect on your ASMR response?

  • Scientific articles and research on ASMR
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    Hey everyone! We're still looking for participants, so please, don't be shy :)