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    Anyone is welcome to use these forums, but here a few guidelines you should follow: ## 1) No adult content Don't post any links, images, videos, or any content that contains adult themes. If it's not allowed on YouTube, it's not allowed here. ## 2) No bullying Just treat others with respect and dignity. As a general rule of thumb if you wouldn't say it to your mother than you probably shouldn't say it to others. In addition, refrain from comments that are: * Racist * Sexist * Discriminatory in any way ## 3) No commercial advertising If you want to promote your product, brand, etc, then contact us first before posting. Note that this does not apply individual ASMR artists. You're more than welcome to post your own ASMR videos and channel(s). ## 4) No Spaste links nor any URL shorteners If you want to promote an ASMR video, **only YouTube links are allowed**.
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    https://tii.la/gWR ?si=wCasICajrb_i5ead
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    Hey everyone! We're still looking for participants, so please, don't be shy :)
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    How is this unintentional ASMR? Are you human or a bot?