• I'm new to ASMR. I'm pretty sure I've been experiencing it all my life. From what I've read, its described as a mild electrical tingle sensation that starts at the top of the head, runs down the spine, and can then radiate out into the extremities. Is that correct?

    So I've watched a bunch of the videos to see if anything can randomly trigger it. But it turns out, the only thing that triggers it for me, is me. I can create the sensation at will in an instant. (Usually. Sometimes it takes a couple seconds or a couple tries) I can control it's intensity, and prolong it's duration to several minutes. I can initiate it from any point along my spina and let it radiate out from that point. I can also control it's movement through my body. For example, sometimes I'll start it on the left side of my brain and let it pour down only the left side if my body. Then start it over again only in the right side of my brain this time, and only traveling down the right side of me. Or sometimes I just hold it in a specific point and don't let it radiate outward from that point at all. If I want a more random feeling experience, I can create triggers for it. By that I mean I can basically "allow" whatever I want to trigger it. I can even make the tingle it's self trigger another wave. This creates an infinite feedback loop of waves, each increasing in intensity. Does anyone else experience anything similar to this? I can't seem to find anything like this in any forum or comments in any videos.

  • That's pretty interesting but I'm not sure if it's actually ASMR. ASMR is an emotional response to specific triggers. It requires a social connection. Feeling just the ASMR tingles alone without a connection to another person is very unusual.

    Are you sure it's ASMR tingles you're feeling? Is there an accompanying feeling of peace and comfort, connection, or relaxation?

    Also, do you meditate?

  • Its definitely very peaceful and relaxing. If I were a spiritual person, I'd probably even say it was a spiritual experience. But I'm not, so it's just a very relaxing and focusing moment. Euphoric even? Well, it's hard to stop ince I start because it so pleasant any way. I dont meditate. I do this and call it meditation. It's similar in that it drastically increases my focus and removes stress.

    I've often thought it would be nice to find someone that wanted to do a study on the physical effects of asmr so I could get some dermal scans and brain activity scans. I'm SO damn curious what it's doing in there.

  • That's really cool. If I were you I'd start meditating with it. Yeah, you're right that you can call it meditation. Meditation isn't how most people think it is. It's not quieting your mind nor is it just paying attention to the sensations of the breath. Meditation is simply repeating an intention and accepting the outcome.

    You don't need to sit down nor close your eyes to meditate. You can do it anywhere, any time. Just repeat the intention to feel the ASMR and let it grow. All the while remain aware that you're feeling the ASMR and be aware that you are aware.

    The feelings should grow in even more intensity and if you can manage to keep your mind on the ASMR then over time an unusual pleasure can arise. This pleasure is unique to meditation and is caused by unification of mind. I'm not a buddhist but it's called piti and sukha in buddhism in case you wanna look them up. Profound peace and relaxation can become your default state of being if you start meditating.


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