List your favorite intentional & unintentional ASMR youtube channels

  • Traditional (intentional) ASMR:  MassageASMR, TirarD'Aguilo, SensorADI, Heather Feather, Jason Dornstar and earlier Ephemeral Rift

    Unintentional: Any Bob Ross videos, Calandale (board game reviewer)

  • Hi mlssufan01, welcome to the forums.

    I moved your thread to the general section under ASMR talk, it's more fitting here than in off-topic.

    But for me, my favorite unintentional asmr videos include GarraStyle and animals that give you personal attention, like monkeys that pick at your skin for flees.

  • these are good, but I would consider garrastyle intentional, or maybe a mix of both–(2 reasons, the video producers list ASMR in some videos which is an indicator it's intentional; and 2, for me unintentional is when it's just someone doing a regular activity, that happens to contain elements of ASMR; for example Bob Ross painting a painting, getting a haircut, getting a massage, etc). It can get convoluted when you have people who do these same things intentionally with ASMR-inclined microphones, but nonetheless, rant over. The animals one I would def. consider unintentional tho.


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