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ASMR newbie: questions about equipment, suggestions

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  • Hello guys, I'm new to the group. I discovered the ASMR genre quite recently but fell in love immediately. I really enjoy the peace and relaxation that ASMR brings me, and I like to read in whisper (sometimes even in daily life subconsciously ?).

    I just posted my first ASMR video on YT, it's reading in Chinese. In future, I want to do more reading in whisper, and I also would like to try role play. But I feel that my equipment is not good at all ? I'm using audio interface Focusrite Scarlett and Neewer NW-800, and I don't have professional light equipment right now… Can I get some recommendations on what microphone and light I should invest in as a newbie? Also, besides reading and role play, I would like to get more ideas on ASMR videos.

    Thank you a lot.

  • @mintyfox-asmr Hi,
    I use Yeti microphone. However, I feel that my videos are so quiet comparing to other creators - maybe I should change settings or sth. When it comes to lights I recommend buying ordinary softboxes :)
    Here is my channel:
    Triggers & Whispers ASMR.

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