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I am new to ASMR and have a question

  • I am new to ASMR so please be kind. I have been researching this for only one week.
    I have read one book Brain Tingles by Craig Richards and I have watched several videos.
    Radionics, Reiki, Tapping meridian points, hypnosis techniques, color therapy, specific frequency tones, sacred geometry… have these been put into asmr at all yet?

    This is my main question?

    It looks like ASMR to me is a way to get people to have certain biological and mental responses.

    Meditations, healings, and energy work on people seems to be able to be more potent by ASMR.
    By making the person more susceptible and more receptive though ASMR other treatments are more powerful as well?

    This is just my thoughts. Please tell me what all of you think.

    I am only a student of ASMR and know almost nothing.

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