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Looking for a vid - dark asmr plastic surgery

Intentional ASMR
  • Hey all,

    There was this vid where you go into a doctors office and the really happy excitable friendly guy wants to use his amazing brushes on your face
    but the little brush doesn't seem to have the effect he wants so he uses larger and larger brushes, each time really excited about how much you'll love the new you.
    but he is ultimately really crushed.
    So he mentions this new procedure but needs some kind of liability signoff, and he's really understanding and kind.

    then you wake up in the trunk of his car

    then you wake up in a dark shed with a dingy lightbulb

    he has some rudimentary surgical equipment
    he realises you are awake but seems assured that you cant move or feel anything and tell you that its ok, you'll forget everything when the anaesthesia wears off

    He then cuts the crap out of your face and ends up spattered in blood.

    anyone know the name of it or how to search in youtube?

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