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How come this ASMR Tingles video has received so many views

Moved Intentional ASMR
  • :heart: Hi all

    I came across this ASMR video and was wondering how come this video has received so many views - so i just had to see it for myself.

    What do you thing…...i find the voice hypnotic and calming?

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    That does help. I was actually able to have some degree of success yesterday. I found a few videos that triggered me, and I felt great. One thing I did notice is that it almost seemed like I had to be primed. Usually, it would take me at least 10 minutes to start feeling anything. I'll post the links to the videos that worked for me at the bottom. I spent a good portion of the day, at least a few hours, triggering my ASMR.

    However, is it possible to over trigger your ASMR, to the point that it won't work for a while? I've been trying to trigger it today and haven't had much success, to the point where once I found myself thinking "come on, work. This worked yesterday."

    This video is the one that absolutely had the greatest effect on me.

    This one felt really nice too. I admit, the roleplay portion made me feel a little awkward (though it seems like acts of service is what worked the best on me as a kid and teenager)

    And I also watched this one to try to find some triggers that might work. I didn't have much success until later in the video. The Starburst wrapper worked slightly. But, her scraping the plate as the second to last trigger in the video definitely gave me some tingles. What worked even better was the last trigger. When she was scraping the zylophone that felt really nice at times.

    I am so glad to finally have a name for this thing that has happened to me for my whole life, and I am so glad to be a part of this community. Until yesterday, I thought I was the only one, and I went my first 29 years of life thinking I was.

    Interesting, okay there is one thing you can do which would probably transcend your ASMR into possibly divine bliss. You just need to reinforce the mind whenever you are able to trigger ASMR successfully. Enjoying or even loving it through loving-kindness meditation would prove most helpful.

    I say this because ASMR triggers a hypnotic state which is similar to a flow-like meditative state. It's quite easy to gain unification of mind during the ASMR experience. Reinforcing it further increases unification of mind which gives rise to effortless attention.

    And during all this the unification of mind produces its own unique joy, pleasure, and tranquility. It's called piti in buddhist terms, but I'm not a buddhist. Hope this helps.  :)

    Also, don't worry about not being able to trigger it. In fact, just accept the situation, Don't try to fix it. Rather, strengthen your intention to feel ASMR but in a gentle and joyful way rather than a forced one where you feel like you have to work at it.