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Individual Differences in Sight and Sound Perception

  • We welcome you to take our 3-part study about how people perceive sights and sounds! 
    For example, some people find certain sounds pleasurable and calming to hear. Others may feel pain or anger. Right now, we do not understand why people respond differently to the same sights and sounds. We are curious whether these responses change over time. We also want to know how they are linked to mental health. If you decide to participate in this study, click the link below to get started with Part 1. 
    Part 1 is a survey about your background, thoughts, and feelings. 
    Part 2 consists of some mental tasks with a break in the middle. 
    Part 3 is the same survey questions from Part 1. If you finish Part 1, we will reach out to you to invite you to Part 2. You could help us learn about differences in perception. Your information could also help us learn about perceptions and mental health.

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